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Welcome to the Freak Nation! Have you ever told someone you’re “a pervy, poly Pagan programmer” or a “gothic gamer geek”? Have you run down a shared-interest checklist with someone you just met, like: “Animé? Check. Comics? Check. Cons? Check. Gaming? Yup. Ren Faires? Yeah...” Then this is the place for you! If you’re wondering just what we mean by “freak”, and whether you’re included, our manifesto should explain all that. If you want to submit some of your own work, we’d love to have it. If you’d like to volunteer to help out, we have some things we’re looking for. But if you’re just looking to see what we’ve got on this site, read on...

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Here’s the most recent news off our “All the News That Interests Freaks” ticker. If you want stuff from further back, check out our full news section.

“But where’s the RSS feed?” I hear you cry. We ain’t got one yet. This site is constantly having new features added and new development done; an RSS feed version of our news service is in the works, we assure you. We don’t have a firm ETA on it yet, but we’ll keep you all posted as it gets close to completion.

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Sky Watch The Moon is waxing crescent.
Jupiter is retrograde; goes direct on December 31st.
Uranus is retrograde; goes direct on December 31st.
Neptune is retrograde; goes direct on December 31st.
none! (This is a very rare event.)

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