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Freak Nation currently hosts 2 mailing lists, ranging from the hard-core technogeeks mailing list to the San Francisco Bay Area’s SFPolyGoth list. Below are brief descriptions of each list, including links to the list’s own page. List pages have expanded descriptions, including list rules and guidelines, and also include a form you can use to subscribe to the list (or unsubscribe from it).

We’re quite open to hosting more mailing lists, from local discussion groups to play-by-email games to whatever-else-you-can-think-of. Drop the Webmaster a line to discuss setting up a mailing list at Freak Nation.

Members: 185
SFPolyGoth is a list for SF Bay Area polyamorous people in the gothic/industrial, fetish/BDSM, and related scenes. Lightly moderated, open for event announcements, debate, and general chit-chat. “A polyamorous sci-fi convention-going geekfreak, rockabilly scooterfreak, or possibly even ambient & trance dancefreak, might or might not feel at home... The list should be considered a conversational common space, a proto-community.”
Members: 13
For any and all discussion of computers, networking, the IT industry, programming, and related topics. May include political/legal issues relating to the tech field, such as DMCA violations, IP law, and so on, though that’s not a primary focus. Note that this list is not for beginners; we expect that you already know what things like Linux, TCP/IP, and the DMCA are.

Freak Nation mailing lists are run using Majordomo 1.94, though we may switch our mailing list management software soon. You can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, any Freak Nation mailing list using the Web form on each list’s page. Naturally, we do not collect these mailing addresses for any other purpose; they are used solely by the lists themselves, to send email to subscribers. For more details, see our site privacy policy.