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Regardless of their tribe, practically all freaks are what one thinker once described as “people of the word”. Ardent bibliophiles and voracious readers, we’re also prolific writers. From stories and poetry to essays and studies (that sometimes push the bounds of becoming treatises or dissertations!); from rants and opinionated screeds to fanfic and filks, we create texts of almost every description. This is where you can read freak writings of all sorts.


A repository of all sorts of freaky writings: articles, interviews, white papers, you name it. Basically, “feature content” of all stripes, written by and for all tribes.


Freaks are well known for being opinionated on nearly every topic under the Sun, from computers and technology to religion and freedom; from the deeper meanings of the allegories in major fantasy works to the best way to build a better mousetrap. Here, you can find essays, opinions, and even the occasional rant about “divers and sundry topics”.


All essays and no fiction makes FN a dull web site. In our Stories area, you can find stories and even fanfic from all sorts of genres — SF and fantasy; horror, the occult and supernatural; humor and even erotica.